By | September 21, 2016

When most people believe of retro kitchen appliances, the name Smeg pertains to mind. The Italian business has actually gained a name for itself in recent years through its range of bright, colourful, retro-design fridges. Based on 50s designs, their FAB range in particular has actually come to be really popular along with the union jack design a particularly famous model. Thankfully, though, the retro styling and bold colours are not substitutes for function.

Take the Smeg FAB28RCS fridge as an example of a retro kitchen appliance that covers the 2 form and function well. This model comes in a Colour Stripe design, taking 50s colours and placing a modern twist on them. It likewise features a retro casing and take care of design. However, the appliance likewise has actually an A+ power efficiency class rating, has actually a freezing capacity of 2kg/24h and an automatic defrost function. You could pay a little a lot more for the retro design, yet you do not should worry regarding your Smeg fridge’s performance.

Of course, Smeg do not simply manufacture fridges and freezers. They do a large lot of retro kitchen appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines. Despite the fact that the range of colours is not as wide as it is for their refrigeration range, Smeg can easily provide you almost a full compliment of retro appliances to provide your kitchen a unique look. Once it pertains to finding a retro-design oven to suit in along with the rest of your retro kitchen appliances, you might be facing a bit of a struggle. Smeg does not provide ovens or cookers in the exact same range as their retro fridges and dishwashers, and most companies do not cater for that design as a lot as Smeg does. However, if you are willing to look a little further, Britannia could have actually just what you are looking for.

Britannia’s limited edition Couture range is difficult to discover these days, yet if you can easily grab hold of the Cubism model, after that your retro kitchen might be complete. You will certainly have actually to pay about £5,000 for this model, yet if you are willing to portion along with that quantity of cash after that the red and black pattern of the Cubism model might be for you. If you are looking for something slightly cheaper, however, Falcon provide their 1092 Deluxe range cooker in a lot of retro colours, including 50s lotion and 70s lime green. This retro kitchen appliance likewise features single-handed ignition for less complicated hob usage and 6 gas hobs on top of 5 heavy-duty shelves.

The cooker is really spacious and stylish and retails at regarding £4,000. So if you are determined to provide your kitchen that retro look, you have actually plenty of options. From outrageously stylish Smeg FAB appliances to a lot more reserved and fashionable appliances from companies adore Falcon and Britannia cookers, there are plenty of retro appliances to match your need. However, be warned: if you do want the style, you will certainly have actually to pay a couple of hundred, and possibly even a couple of thousand pounds a lot more Compared to you would certainly if you chose a traditional appliance.

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