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Deck design must fit the outdoor surroundings

Deck design must fit the outdoor surroundings The key to designing a successful outdoor living space is to create an area that reflects the architectural character of the home as well as the personality of the homeowners who inhabit the space. Deck designs that plan for the elements last 20+ years. Decks without a proper plan age quickly.… Read More »

How Would You Like To Design Your Own Ranch House

How Would You Like To Design Your Own Ranch House? My father was always at work out back in his little workshop, and he taught me how to fix and build all manner of household projects so I figured, why should drawing and building ranch house designs be any different. I’ve wanted to design my own ranch house… Read More »

Baroque Architecture

Baroque Architecture A very early style of architecture, but a very beautiful style is Baroque architecture, which began in the early 17th century in Italy. Taking the renaissance architecture and modifying it to a new theatrical, sculptural fashion, Baroque architecture became a very fanciful, extravagant style of structural design. While the Renaissance style was designed for the well… Read More »

Victorian Architecture

Victorian Architecture In Eureka, California sits one of the most beautiful examples of Victorian Architecture. The Carson Mansion, with its 18 rooms and excess of 16,200 square feet was constructed between 1884 and 1886. The cost of this structure was an incredible $80,000. It is a mix of every major style of Victorian Architecture and is the most… Read More »