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By | September 21, 2016

Some House Appliances Business has actually been struggling in the method youngsters explore the House appliance, refrigerator exactly what children, children

Washing machine youngsters TV Machine, etc., yet the result had to stop production as a result of reasonable profits. At the same time, some used for young children

Small appliances Solid Sales are growing, and some years of sales increased by 200%. Experts pointed out that the youngster is not no market for household appliances, yet some companies have actually picked the course is not correct.

Traditional House appliances are not optimistic concerning children

Few years ago, in the House appliance market, there have actually been a cartoon profile of the TV, refrigerator and various other electrical products, which can easily be because of Ju and cuddly looks to attract people’s attention, yet several of them are now discontinued, as these cute guys just can easily not bring profit to the enterprise.

Konka “Little Fairy Painting,” in

TV Set off a wave of children’s TV industry, in addition to

Haier The “Frog Prince” TV, washing machine cartoon sound volume, etc. House appliance market, was once a cartoon no much less compared to 20 models of House appliances. According to the Beijing head of a household electrical appliance store told reporters: As quickly as most of the cartoon appliances month has actually found no one, youngster household appliances in the market is gradually disappearing.

The Ins and Outs of youngsters known as Kelon refrigerator

investment of 100 million yuan, Kelon year starting from the children’s health, played a “brand-new concept of children’s health” slogan. Kelon to think about that, as youngsters concentrate on storage refrigerator 4 categories of children

Meals Therefore, in volume, appearance, functionality and adults both have actually differences in their design, the exterior is made for space needs. yet now, Kelon refrigerator youngsters have actually been discontinued, need is that sales do not increase, funding is constantly in the state make ends meet.

House appliances small cute youngsters can easily discuss why the consumer is not love this? Experts believe that, in fact, youngsters are not truly consumers decide whether to buy or children, parents, youngsters influence their parents to purchase really limited. One family has actually a 12-year-old daughter, parents, told reporters: “Everybody says that youngsters in room layout, might have actually few enough room, money, furnished a children’s room? Refrigerator, TV, stereo, washing machine the whole family can easily share the. Besides, I watch TV every day afraid of youngsters learning delay, affecting vision, exactly how might divide it to her to buy a TV. ”

Parents are not interested in House appliances for children, the youngsters of those made specifically for them appears to have actually little interest in electrical appliances.

Suning Beijing Bay sub shop, said a staff member, MP3, language repeater of the a lot more popular students in the School as simple to carry, on learning to advice parents have actually no objection to the use of youngsters to buy. To television, refrigerators and washing machines is not the same.

Adults love cartoon form Appliances for youngsters is concerned, they are precisely the genuine users are adults, children, household appliances to meet their specific needs. Reporter learned from various House appliances stores, children’s cartoon characters and bright House appliances color line along with several single white-collar women seeking new, extraordinary and special taste.

It is understood, youngsters and general household appliances household appliances actually not much difference in functionality, especially in television, mainly in the appearance of the cartoons, color variety, light weight, small size, there is the increased number of suitable youngsters function, after that the Haier has actually launched the very first champ of “children” on TV, that is, 14-inch “The Frog Prince” TV, consider the full use of personalized cartoon design, big eyes, dark-green “skin “exactly love the frog prince fairy tale world, yet the function is built-in three kinds of puzzle games, alerts and limitations of viewing functions. Reporter additionally saw “at Lucky Cat” shaped kettle, toy auto vacuum cleaners, small rabbit ball

Drinking , Penguin Humidifier , Pet dog feline egg device, etc. Even though these products hit the youngster appliance signs, yet in honest truth almost identical along with the ordinary household appliances.

Metro City in Xujiahui, Shanghai, there is a company called “Hannspree” the shop is pretty attractive. It is placed inside the 80-variety


Machine, forever subverted the traditional appearance.

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