How would you describe your home decorating style?

Our visitor send an email asking about How would you describe your home decorating style?. …and how long did it take you to finally figure it out and find a certain aesthetic for your home that you’re happy with?

Dear poke, Here my answer base on my experience…
I like big, dark, wood furniture.

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  1. Oh gr8 1 says:

    1970’S AVANT POP.

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  2. Giorgina says:

    We have several themes throughout our home. Our kitchen is French Country and the rest of our home is Traditional, with a tad of Victorian sprinkled here and there.

    It took quite some time to finally find the right style for us. I’d say about 6 years. We’re very pleased with the way our home looks. In 5 years, we plan on making some changes to the the exterior to make it look Medieval.

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